This Handbook is intended to provide all employees a guide to working at Hex. ****It is a working, living document that will be updated over time as we grow and learn.

You will find much of the content in this Handbook to be high-level, and subject to liberal interpretation and leeway. While this approach empowers our team members, it also means there is a higher burden of responsibility. We are trusting and expecting everyone to apply good judgement, and reach out for clarifications or guidance where things aren't clear or obvious. This Handbook is meant to augment – not replace – good decision-making.

Working at Hex

Hex Values

Working at Hex

Code of Conduct

Engineering Guide

Engineering Lead Philosophy

Product @ Hex


PTO and Leave Policies

Insurance, Wellness, and Retirement

Workstation Budget

Professional Development Subsidy

Understanding Equity


Travel and Expense Policy

Employee Separation

Customer Exclusion