We are a small startup working hard to build something big. We expect everyone to give 100% when they’re on – but also offer generous, flexible policies for PTO and leave so folks can have full, vibrant lives and can take the time to prioritize that.

The guidance below is fairly high-level and gives ample room for interpretation based on individual priorities and needs. That said, everyone is also expected to utilize these policies in good faith and do right by their team.

Company Holidays

We observe the following US Federal Holidays company-wide:

*In December/ January, we typically take a company-wide Holiday Break around Christmas / New Years. (For 2023, we’ll take Monday, December 25th to January 1st off, and come back on Tuesday, January 2nd.)

Note that our WFH and OOO policies mean you can work remotely and/ or take extra days around these or other holidays to be with family, travel, etc. as long as you’re communicating it out and ensuring minimal disruptions to the team.

Flexible Paid Time Off

Our policy of flexible paid time off policy is intended to give you the ability to spend time away from work without worrying about accrued days or penalties, but there are some norms and guidelines to keep in mind:

  1. Use it! A common failure mode is not actually taking time off. We can't force you to do anything but know that you're encouraged to take time off where and when you need. If you don't feel like you can, please talk to your Lead and they will make it work.
  2. Don’t abuse it! We’re trusting everyone to use good judgment, and balance time away with the needs of the team. No one wants to spend time counting days or policing whether you were really online on a given day or not. Folks with excessive or disruptive PTO utilization should expect to have conversations with their Lead to better understand circumstances.
  3. It is your responsibility to minimize disruptions from OOO. Pre-planning and communication is key. We trust you to make sure balls aren’t dropped because you’re out, nor that you’re taking so much time off that it’s causing issues for the team.
    1. To help with this, please give at least one week per workday of planned time off heads-up before a PTO when possible (e.g. if you’re taking 2 days, provide 2 weeks of notice.)