We have written-out team values to help us make decisions, not codify platitudes. These reflect attainable, day-to-day behaviors that we expect from each other.

Our bar is “stunning”

We should endeavor to bring our A game to everything we do, and hold a high bar for ourselves and others. Will any of us every be perfectly “stunning” every day? No. But it’s about the aspiration, and the journey, and never letting “good enough” be good enough.

This shows up in hiring, by holding a high bar for candidates, and only bringing in extraordinary **colleagues. This shows up in product development, by making sure we’re incredibly proud of everything we’re shipping. And it shows up in how we work with customers, by making sure we are treating every interaction with care and respect.

Every second counts

We need to move with urgency. We’re a small, money-losing startup – so time is not our ally. Our ability to iterate, ship, and build the future faster is our license to success.

But just as important as speed is considering how we’re spending our time. More focus, doing a few things at a time with speed and quality. Sometimes, in fact, “slow is smooth, and smooth is fast”.

This value also applies to our product! Performance matters, and sped should be a selling point. We can’t tolerate things feeling slow – because our users won’t.

Fear is the mind killer

We’re taking on a big market, with large, well-established competitors – and we welcome that challenge! We have an ambitious vision, and to achieve it we’ll need to be bold, and unafraid of bigger bets – or the prospect of failure.

Ambition and creativity are powerful; anxiety and insecurity are not.